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Illinois Accident Factors: How Can a Lawyer Help?

Many factors can be at a play if you are involved in a accident on the busy streets in Chicago, and it is important to hire a lawyer after being involved in an accident through any or a combination of these factors. The elements of an accident can involve distraction, speeding, alcohol or drugs, the age of the driver and the health of the person behind the wheel. 

The Factors of The Accident

When you are involved in an accident in Chicagoland, you have to determine what factors caused the crash and who is liable for the damages. The blame could be placed on either the victim of the injuries or the other driver. Such factors can include health problems, the speeds of the drivers, weather, distractions from inside or outside the car, and the age of both drivers. If alcohol or drugs are involved, the consuming driver will likely be at fault. Some health conditions can also be factor in in the cause of the accident. 

Fast or Slow Speeds

If a driver is traveling at a high rate of speed or faster than the speed limit, a collision will result in severe property damage and injury. Drivers who cruise at slower speeds could cause an accident by forcing other drivers to pass them when it's not safe to do so. When someone drives below the speed limit, this often forces other drivers to behave rashly and cause an accident. Most interstates have a posted speed limit for slower speeds, and all drivers should adhere those. 

The Assistance of an Attorney

One of the most important important ways a lawyer can help after an accident in Chicago is through the investigation into the collision. While the victim is recovering with treatment and medication, the lawyer will be busy investigating the incident. The injured victim will need time to recover form the accident and get over  the trauma. The attorney will start collecting evidence at the scene, contact any witnesses, collect the police report and begin analyzing traffic camera surveillance of the accident. In some cases, the lawyer will hire an expert witness to asses and review certain materials with the accident. 

Lawyer Pursuing the Personal Injury Case

Through the lawyer, the injured victim will be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the other driver's insurance company. The victim can make a claim thorough their insurance while the lawyer starts the insurance claim and investigation. The client will provide the lawyer with details of the accident according to his or her knowledge and memory of the accident. The plaintiff may remember certain aspects of the accident which may increase the strength of the case. 

The lawyer will be able to investigate what the client cannot. This investigation will determine who is at fault for the accident. If the other driver is clearly at fault for the accident, this must be proven clearly in the courtroom in front of their judge or jury. If both drivers hold some level of responsibility for the cause of the accident, this could make it harder to recover the most amount of financial compensation. The factors outlined above are important considerations which can decrease the strength of the claim. The lawyer will then argue the case convincingly to the courtroom.  

Evidence of the Accident

If an expert witness can assist in the investigation of the accident, they will be used to investigate the accident and uncover important details that will affect the case. We can increase the strength of the case by using crucial factors of the accident and proving that the other driver was at fault. The plaintiffs legal team can demonstrate the specific chain of events and timeline of the accident. Through careful analysis, we will make clear to the judge or jury all of the information involved in the case. 

The Lawyer Hired for your Illinois Accident

The lawyer you hire can provide support and guidance with a strong argument in the courtroom or when attempting to negotiate a settlement claim with the insurance company. When hired early, your lawyer can prepare a strong case with legitimate evidence to prove that the other driver is at fault and compensation is reasonable. 



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