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Money will never compensate someone for the loss of a loved one caused by a tragic accident, however in some cases, the loss of a loved one can result in lifelong financial hardship for the loved ones mourning the loss. 

If the deceased was the head of the household and the primary breadwinner, this loss could mean financial disaster for the survivors. 

Negotiating with insurance companies after such a devastating loss can be traumatic for the survivors. 

We make sure that this loss does not result in undue financial burden for survivors and family members, by taking steps to file lawsuits and taking legal action. 

Attorneys at Illinois personal injury firm are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims throughout the state of Illinois. 

Our experienced lawyers have represented personal injury and wrongful death clients around Chicago land and throughout the state of Illinois for over 30 years. 

We are committed to you and ready to serve and assist you. Contact our firm today to schedule a free evaluation of your case. 


Wrongful death is a legal term defined as death that occurs due to the negligence of another person. Meaning, if the negligence or reckless conduct of another person or entity causes a person to die, loved ones and survivors of the deceased can file a wrongful death lawsuit to help them recover damages for their losses. 

Comparative fault laws in Illinois allow family members and eligible parties to receive compensation from the at fault and responsible parties for the death of their loved ones. The requirement to receive compensation in Illinois is that the deceased is not more responsible for the accident than the defendant. 


Before filing a wrongful death claim in Illinois, determine the exact financial damage that has occurred to the loved ones and survivors. This can be a difficult task. 

There are many different ways that the deceased contributed to the financial situation and upkeep of the survivors. Such contributions can include future earnings, pension benefits, including other earnings that the deceased could have continued to earn if he had lived. 


Determining these damages will require expert help to understand the kind of losses that family members and survivors have suffered, and will continue to suffer in the years ahead. Meaning, it is very important to calculate short-term economic loss and expected long-term economic implications of the death. 

When all the factors have been decided, and damages established, survivors can proceed with the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit. 

The insurance company will attempt to finish the case quickly by offering loved ones of the deceased a settlement. When the insurance company's settlement is not sufficient, survivors may have no other option but to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in court. 

Illinois personal injury lawyers firm are experienced wrongful death attorneys, with over 30 years of experience filing claims on behalf of clients throughout the state of Illinois. 

After contacting us, we will immediately reach out to the insurance company within hours. Our skilled attorney negotiators will engage the insurance company and make sure that your rights are protected. 

When negotiations breakdown, and if we do not reach a settlement that is favorable to you, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial. 

We will aggressively try your case in court, using every legal tool available, such as discovery to reveal all evidence of negligence to help you recover more damages. 

Call us today at (773) 609-4108 or fill out our online contact form for a free case evaluation today. 


After the loss of a loved one, you will go through grief, and great amount of emotional distress and trauma. You will receive professional legal representation that is not only effective but also compassionate and sensitive to the trauma that you are experiencing. 

We understand that this is probably the most difficult time in your life. And we will do everything we can to ease your stress. 

We will return all phone calls and emails within 4 hours, and you will be updated often on your case. We will help you regardless of whether the cause of death was a serious car accident, trucking accident, or any other type of serious injury

Contact our law firm for a free case evaluation today. 



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